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Health and Wellness in the Workplace

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How healthy is your company? With increasing healthcare costs and more evidence supporting health conscious programs more companies are implementing health and wellness strategies. Also, now that Wisconsin is the 26th state to pass the smoking ban there’s no better time than now to jump start a brand new program and get your employees involved in something positive.  

According to, the average annual health care cost per person in the United States far exceeds $3,000, and preventable illness makes up approximately 70% of the total costs of illness. We all know that working in corporate America can be stressful and can take its toll on employees. Encouraging your employees to live a healthy lifestyle can also benefit businesses by:

  • Lower Health Care Costs
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Higher Productivity
  • Reduced Use Of Health Care Benefits
  • Reduced Worker’s Comp/Disability
  • Reduced Injuries
  • Increased Morale and Loyalty

In a company environment, interpersonal relationships between employees helps to foster a team environment, whether the company is comprised of individual teams or not, and this pays big dividends for both the mental and physical well being of all.  There are a plethora of programs that are inexpensive or free (Yes I said FREE) that a company could implement. Check out this website for a number of examples of programs. What better way for employees to form healthful relationships than a round of golf, a pedometer challenge or a team walk/run and whichever team member finishes first gets an extra personal day?

Better run that by the boss first…

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