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As the name implies, agile is a means for “getting things done” in the world of work. When a technologist or business leader uses the term they are usually referring to agile methodology or agile thinking,.

Organizations that have already transitioned to agile are now seeing a large payback in their investment.

ROI of Culture on IT Alignment

Posted by Jeff Hayes on July 31, 2012 in Agile

What does culture — that quality in groups of people that govern what we believe and how we behave — have to do with “getting things done”? And by extension, what does…

How Does One Measure the ROI of Culture on IT Alignment?

Technology Alignment in a Global Context

Posted by Jeff Hayes on May 20, 2012 in Agile

During a recent trip to Japan I found several examples of how culture plays a role in the success of certain types of business. So dramatic are some of the differences between…

Technology alignment can be a great benefit to companies of every size.