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What Works Best For You?
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    business intelligenceChances are good that your company owns a large amount of data that could be  critical to your company’s greater success, such as:

    • Sales and purchasing patterns
    • Year over year data
    • Customer contact information
    • Consumer preferences
    • Core business information

    If you are not doing so already, consider using a dashboard that enables you to see your key performance indicators at a glance without having to access and organize the required data each time. Make informed decisions based on information you already have.  According to a 2010 McKinsey report, “The ability to transform data into insights to help manage a company is the domain of corporate business intelligence.”  AlignTech Solutions will help you decide which information is most critical for your  business and ensure that it is collected and reported in the most effective way for you.

    Preparing the Way for Business Intelligence

    AlignTech will set the stage for your long term success by performing such tasks as

    • Design high-performance databases or identifying packaged options that suit your needs.
    • Integrate or link data that is stored in different locations or applications.
    • Interface your older data with new or existing applications.
    • Develop new apps or applications to power your business.
    • Create a database designs or bridges to integrate existing applications with a data-driven eCommerce web site(s), if desired.
    • Make your data stores extensible and therefore less expensive to maintain.


    • Get the “Five W’s” (whowhatwhenwhy and where) with the click of a button.
    • Key performance indicators for you and your industry.
    • Actionable data to help drive your decisions.


    • Ad hoc queries.
    • Managed reports, delivered when needed.
    • Additional analysis of data when desired.

    Call us at +1 877 254-4614 or send us a message to schedule a complimentary discovery visit.

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