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    portals for clubs, organizations and associationsReduce your workload and increase your effectiveness as a leader. AlignTech’s membership portals free up leaders of organizations to do what they do best: LEAD! Let’s face it, organization leaders spend an enormous amount of time planning, communicating and executing tasks for the benefit of the group’s followers, members or employees. A portal will increase your communication and planning performance while decreasing rework and tasks that could be delegated to others.

    Benefits of Portals for Clubs and Associations

    Consider some of the benefits of using a portal in your organization. A membership based portal is:

    • A marketing tool to show your prospective members and community “who you are”.
    • A business tool to help leaders maintain membership data, regardless of the level of complexity.
    • A document repository.
    • A delegation tool: Many resources may be used to maintain your portal.
    • A gathering spot for members: Share pictures and stories with internal group members, all members or the public.
    • A communication tool to help keep your members up to date.

    Consider the benefits of having such a portal for your club, organization or association.

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