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Team Development

Good web design is a collaborative effort. A great web designer can only begin to use his craft after you, the client, answer a few important questions such as:

  • What’s the point of the website?
  • Who is in your target market?
  • How should people behave as they browse your website’s pages?

Even the most creative web designers cannot work in a vacuum; they must understand your purpose before getting started.

At AlignTech, we use an iterative approach to find the list of most important keywords for each client. We created a Five Step Keyword Development Process to help us provide good and consistent results:

  1. Discovery

    Inputs are from client’s goals, client’s preferences, available market research on client’s industry, trial searches and competitors’ successes

  2. Analysis

    We determine the relative Keyword Effectiveness (KEI) for each potential keyword given search engine statistics at the time of discovery and the nature of the content development plan

  3. Consultation

    We share our initial results with the client or marketing partner and together we determine which keywords to tackle first, while maintaining an appropriate ratio of simple/popular keywords to long tail keywords

  4. Implementation

    Assets and campaigns are matched with the best identified keywords. Each keyword is then positioned across the various online assets so as to avoid confusion among all stakeholders

  5. Evaluate & Repeat

    Evaluation of results and repeat Steps 1-4 over time and as needed

Product Owner Development

Website development has evolved considerably since the Web’s inception in the early 1990’s. It had to evolve since many feature-rich applications were already available for specific platforms such as Windows, Macintosh and (some) Unix-based platforms.

Creating websites in the early days was simple because technologies did not yet exist to enable feature-rich applications to be experienced via browser – any browser.

Modern website development is now much more like building architecture and construction. Let’s compare.


  • Set of plans
  • Which backlinks might be appropriate and of high quality

  • Web design
  • Which backlinks might be appropriate and of high quality
  • Which optimization techniques have worked for them; and which have failed
  • What the “AdWords landscape” looks like, if desired

Scrum Master Development

Web hosting is one of the most important – and often overlooked – requirements of delivering a good experience to people browsing websites. Although website hosting has become a commodity, with many companies competing for your business, few offer the safety, security and performance of a host that offers managed services.

AlignTech’s community of websites is small and well known so that…

  • Your reputation will never be harmed by affiliation with the other websites
  • Your website’s performance will be optimal – providing that it has been optimized
  • Your website will never be “down” as it is with so many other hosts. When is the last time someone tried to browse your website, only to find that its server wasn’t available?