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  Before working with Jeff I was struggling to identify what I truly wanted to achieve and lacked a roadmap to guide my efforts. This led to a sense of aimlessness and a feeling of being lost in a sea of possibilities.

  • Agile Coaching

    I found myself particularly drawn to the open and honest dialogue we shared. Jeff's genuine interest in my goals and challenges created a safe space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. This open-mindedness allowed me to delve into my personal growth journey with sincerity and depth.


  The participants appreciate Jeff's supportive and non-judgmental approach to their learning. He is a true champion for the growth of other coaches.

  • Coaching Circle Hosting

    Jeff has been an invaluable member of the Agile Coaching Circle team. His commitment to the growth of agile coaches is commendable and he demonstrates the highest ethical standards as a professional coach and role model.


  Results have included opening up doors which were inaccessible to me before, becoming more adventurous, increased wages, and much greater ease when speaking with senior leadership in organizations.

  • Agile Coaching

    For me the hardest part of making tough choices is the self-awareness and realization of the beliefs and factors that affect my thinking on matters. Jeff's questions help me see the underlying values that I base my decisions on. Connecting these reinforced the reasons why I am doing things and it was reassuring to understand how it all connected together.


  My experience is that there are no topics off the table with Jeff in our coaching sessions and he allows the most compassionate, curious, empathic space for me to evolve and explore.

  • Professional Coaching

    I value this time together so much, it is rare to be still and focus only on myself and am accrediting Jeff's coaching and listening skills with providing that space for evolution. He models the powerful impact of coaching in personal and professional development and through this, his willingness for success is infectious.


  My needs are unlike any others. Jeff adapts his coaching to the person and it is performed with a gentleness, humility and care that makes me feel supported through whatever the situation requires.

  • Agile Coaching and Mentoring

    I often find myself having to hold difficult conversations with challenging people under pressurised conditions. Jeff is invaluable in coaching me through those situations. This has enabled me to be more prepared, remain neutral, and able to adapt in realtime where needed. This has had a direct, positive impact on my clients by improving their outcomes.


  With Jeff's coaching and mentoring I was growing in confidence, and accomplishing things that eventually became the basis for a whole new team and way of work.

  • Agile Coaching and Mentoring

    I figured out what I wanted, and what I didn’t want. I carried on with the vision that I built, created enough connections, space and knowledge to carry out strategic actions of that vision, and traded in my Program Management for Team Management, now training and mentoring others.


  Jeff’s excellent rapport and deep understanding of agile methodology, combined with an array of coaching tools helps me be a better agile coach for the benefit of my clients. The content is varied, always interesting and covers professional development and personal growth.

  • Agile Coaching and Mentoring

    I know that I have become a calmer, more reflective individual – able to apply what Jeff helps me to realize for myself during our sessions, both in and outside of work. Jeff is consistently humble and very generous of his time and attention, solely focussed on my needs.


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