Agile Coaching

According to a Harvard Business Review post, Agile coaching doubles the effectiveness of Agile training alone.

  • Coaching the Leaders

    To help develop the very best in agile outcomes.

  • Team Coaching

    Because scrum is the single most productive agile framework for moving products forward.

  • Coaching Individuals

    Work with the data your team needs. The rest is in the way.

  • Team Performance

    There are many ways to scale scrum for an enterprise.

  • Team Health

    Informed stakeholders provide the greatest value to the organization, so why not engage them at all times?

  • Sustainable Change

    Your PMO can be a blessing iff it is adjusted to accommodate your agile journey.

Agile Training

We develop and deliver interactive training classes for all manner of Agile topics. Participants are frequently engaged throughout sessions so as to help the learning stick.

  • Certification Classes

    To help people get the credentials they want most.

  • Private Training

    Corporate clients are encouraged to hold both customized and certification classes for the benefit of their employees. Closed sessions encourage better learning and open dialogue.

  • Customized Training

    We work hand and hand with organizational educators to create agile curricula for webinars, eLearning and workshops.

  • Continuing Education

    CE classes are available to help professionals maintain their necessary SEUs, CEUs and CCEUs.

Agile Consulting

Tools and services designed to help you achieve nicely branded spam-free communication, access cloud-based files and office tools from any location, and custom tools to improve your performance while freeing up your time.

  • Agile Adoption

    Let us get your brand up and running on the best, most consistent communication platform: G Suite.

  • Scrum in Practice

    We move your existing email, calendar entries, To Do items and contacts for you after setup.

  • Agile-Supportive Culture

    We proudly provide administrative support for G Suite.

  • Large Scale Scrum

    Multiply the value of G Suite Apps by automating processes, adding strategic notifications and moving routine data, as needed, error-free

  • Change Management

    Initial training to get you and your staff up and running, plus periodic updates or subject-specific training sessions when desired.

Why Coaching?

Agile Coaching Helps You Deliver What's Most Important for Your Organization.

Agile Coaching

Professional coaching is the fastest way to make real, positive change in both your business life and your personal life. Agile coaching provides the benefits of professional coaching combined with the powerful agile mindset.

Leaders. Leaders who understand and adopt the agile mindset are far more likely to succeed.

Teams. Teams that participate in agile coaching are twice as likely to become high-performing.

Individuals. Team members and other collaborators develop better communication skills.

Agile Training

Interactive training provides hands-on practice in all the courses taught here. Who benefits from such an approach?

  • Product Owners. Improve your own agile skills to benefit yourself, your team and your product.
  • Scrum Masters. Get the training and support you need to make your teams - and your organization - more productive.
  • Agile Coaches. Stay up to date on the latest practices and improve your skills.

Leaders Are Strangers in Their Own Offices

An organization’s culture must change for agile ways of working


Agile Teams Struggle to Collaborate and Perform

Teams minimize risk by learning to ‘fail early and fail often’


Individuals Feel Cut Adrift from Their Teams

Is there a prescription to make product teams work well?



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