Marketing Tools

  • Keyword Research

    To help maximize the value in all of your content.

  • Competition

    Identifying the 'right' competitors to follow.

  • Optimization

    To move you up in search engine rankings.

  • Backlinks

    Still important to bolster your domain's rankings.

  • Reputation

    Understand and improve the ways in which your brand is viewed.

  • Pay Per Click

    Start a brush fire under your brand and get traffic more quickly.

  • Content Development

    Let us capture your writing voice and use it to your greatest advantage.

  • Training

    Full service and collaborative models available.

  • Social Media Management

    Because you need to be talking when the right people are listening.

Web Tools

Tools and services designed to put you in control of your time while we mind the technology that brings customers to your door and helps streamline your business.

  • Web Design

    Responsive, thoughtful design.

  • Technical Support

    We eat problems for lunch.

  • Web Development

    Great web design deserves solid, sustainable engineering.

  • Automation

    Planning, development, testing and support for processes that make you more productive.

  • Training

    Learn how to update and maintain key elements of your platform.

  • Hosting

    AlignTech offers fast, secure and controlled hosting so that your prospective customers don't have to stand in line to navigate through your website.

Communication Tools

Tools and services designed to help you achieve nicely branded spam-free communication, access cloud-based files and office tools from any location, and custom tools to improve your performance while freeing up your time.


    Let us get your brand up and running on the best, most consistent communication platform: G Suite.


    We move your existing email, calendar entries, To Do items and contacts for you after setup.

  • G SUITE Administration

    We proudly provide administrative support for G Suite.

  • Backoffice Automation

    Multiply the value of G Suite by automating processes, adding strategic alerts and moving routine data, as needed, error-free.

  • Training

    Initial training to get you and your staff up and running, plus periodic updates or subject-specific training sessions when desired.


Providing Digital Marketing, Business Automation and Communication Tools for Professional Services Firms, Senior Living Providers and Healthcare Practitioners.

Who We Are

Based in Neenah, Wisconsin, is a progressive, technically savvy digital agency with a passion for helping businesses compete and grow by developing and supporting marketing and communication solutions that fit their needs.

We are listeners. We attend to detail and hear "between the lines" to help discover what you really need.

We are inventors. We like to create new things, solve problems, untangle puzzles and work outside of the box.

We are persistent. Hard work, innovative craftsmanship, and a "don't quit" mentality are the basis of all our work.

Who We Work With

Professional Services firms, Healthcare and Eldercare businesses with revenues above $2M are the best match for the services we provide...

  • Digital work is our forte...from decades of sorting ones and zeroes.
  • "Unconventional" doesn't scare us...we're okay if you color outside the lines.
  • Do what you do best...instead of digital projects that aren't in your wheelhouse.

Is AlignTech Right For You?

Yours is a Good Company

You've found a formula for success, which is a remarkable feat.

Only about 50% of small businesses survive beyond their first 5 years.

It Is Resilient and Competitive

In fact you've been competitive for quite some time. Kudos.

Not everyone is cut out to lead and grow a thriving business.

But Where Are Your Customers?

Perhaps you're not selling to the same old crowd anymore.

Start using digital marketing methods that do work for you. Here's how.


  • Kostecke CPA
    • Digital marketing services
    • Responsive Web design
    • Social media management
    • Managed services
    Kostecke CPA

    Kostecke CPA

  • The Northern Trust Company
    • Integration of new acquisitions
    • Family office automation
    • Consolidated asset reporting
    The Northern Trust Company

    The Northern Trust Company

  • Build Affinity
    • Responsive Web design
    • Content assistance
    • Website security & maintenance
    Build Affinity

    Build Affinity

  • First Chicago Bank
    • The Pershing Account Open Process
    • ATM claims resolution system
    First Chicago Bank

    First Chicago Bank

  • Metavante Corporation
    • Data consolidation system
    • Integration of healthcare card system
    • Automated funds transfer for corporations
    • Custom ePayment alerts integration
    Metavante Corporation

    Metavante Corporation

  • Heartwood Senior Living
    • Digital marketing services
    • Content management
    • Social media management
    • Managed services
    Heartwood Senior Living

    Heartwood Senior Living

  • The Joint Commission
    • The remote-capable survey system for secure transmission of healthcare provider audit data
    Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

    Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

  • Duet Recruiting
    • Content strategy
    • Content development
    Duet Recruiting

    Duet Recruiting

  • Career Works
    • Responsive Web design
    • Integration of subscription services
    • Business automation services
    Career Works

    Career Works

  • Comdisco
    • Analysis and design of a multi-tenant security infrastructure


  • State of Wisconsin
    • Responsive Web design
    • eCommerce development
    • Branding assistance
    • Content assistance
    State of Wisconsin

    State of Wisconsin

  • Asea Brown Boveri
    • Analysis and development of control and monitoring systems for nuclear power facilities
    Asea Brown Boveri

    Asea Brown Boveri - ABB Impel Corporation