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  • A picture is worth a thousand words – and about 50 milliseconds

    Aside from shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre (illegal and not recommended), visuals trump words when it comes to quick, clear communication. (more…)

    Responsive Design: What Is It and Why Should We Care?

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    Responsive design is the relatively new practice of creating websites that (more…)

    Is Twitter the ‘New CNN’?

    Still a News Junkie

    I’ll admit it—I’m a bit of a news junkie. Local, national, international, business, technology, money—it doesn’t matter. If it’s news, I’m reading it.

    My news habit started in much younger days—back when my family received a daily newspaper—and I would read (more…)

    Content Management Systems: Which is Best For Your New Project?

    When Tim Berners-Lee developed the world’s first website at CERN in 1990—using a simple Unix-based browser—do you suppose he had any idea how expansive the Web would become? Today, thanks to the seemingly infinite number of content management systems on the market, people can easily design, build and maintain new websites without relying on (more…)

    A Brief History of Nearly Everything (Digitally) Important

    Evolution of the World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web (or just Web) was conceived by Tim Berners-Lee, a (then) CERN consultant/engineer who was looking for a way to facilitate the exchange of electronic knowledge – papers, research notes, etc. – within and between CERN scientists without the need for traditional forms of communication such as (more…)

    What’s New in Web Design?

    I’ve worked in the digital world long enough to appreciate the old adage about change being the only constant.  The relationships I’ve built with our clients don’t tend to waver over time, but the tactics and techniques we use to keep them satisfied certainly do.  In my experience, the field of web design is especially vulnerable to disruption and reordering.   (more…)

    Trends in Technology: Rosetta Stone Required

    When we hear the phrase Trends in Technology, some of us begin thinking about technologies that should be coming of age soon.  Some of us think “What now!?!” perhaps because technology inspires (more…)

    American Story? Small Town Story?

    Does Bedford Falls really exist or was it just a figment of Frank Capra’s imagination for the perfect town in his film “It’s a Wonderful Life“? And are there other such idyllic towns in the U.S.?   (more…)

    Windows 8 Will Never Kill the PC Market: Here’s Why

    Does Windows 8 suck? Yes, but only on a regular desktop computer with a keyboard and mouse. On a touchscreen it rocks for the most part! However, because of this it could lead people (including me) to believe that Windows 8 could kill the PC Market (more…)

    Coworker Dilemmas Resonate with Readers

    In reviewing searches that led individuals to our website and blog last month I was surprised to find that roughly 55% of them were looking for information about handling difficult coworkers. (more…)