Deserving of recognition for their contributions of material or ideas that were used in the development of this website, either legally or ethically or both, are the following contributors and/or organizations:

  • Ask Apache – A.K.A. Charles Torvalds—Very smart individual who exemplifies the spirit of sharing knowledge in open source communities. We’ve learned a ton of stuff from AskApache over the course of many years.
  • Twitter Bootstrap—Nifty responsive framework plus some great features and tools—Used on this site exclusively for its carousel feature, just to see if Bootstrap would play nice with other frameworks (yup, no problemo).
  • Google—Thanks to Google for so many smart innovations. Used on this site alone are Google Fonts, Google Forms and Google Search. But we also refer to two other products that happen to be great: Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Business) and Google AdWords. Did we mention that their support teams are great to work with?
  • W3C—The World Wide Web Consortium—Especially including Tim Berners-Lee for giving us “The Web.” Where would we be now without it? Still messing around with punched cards? Probably not, but not every innovation in the world of technology is such a game changer either. Kudos also to the folks at MIT who had the foresight to bring Tim along to help shepherd the technology while it was still in its infancy. The W3C does a fantastic job of both shaping the technology via standards, and fostering the kinds of education needed to improve language adoption rates and move us all forward.
  • Responsive Grid System—A simple, effective responsive framework authored and supported by Graham Miller and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Nice going, Graham.
  • WordPress—Thanks to Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic, for his vision and stewardship in bringing WordPress along for the masses. We are grateful to Matt and to the many hard-working contributors who help to make WordPress such a solid platform. Upon this writing, WordPress-based websites comprise 23% of all websites on the Web. Says Matt: “We are much better at writing code than haiku.” Amen.
  • ‘Responsive Web Design’—Seminal article—Ethan Marcotte’s original 2010 article on the subject at A List Apart.
  • jQuery JavaScript Library—Bless you, jQuery Foundation. Mocha/JavaScript/ECMAScript wasn’t quite as predictable until you came along.
  • Boutros AbiChedid—Thoughtful sharer of WordPress thoughts and innovations. Author of a clever algorithm to establish relative weights for use in a tag cloud.