About AlignTech

AlignTech Provides Digital Marketing Tools, Web Tools and Communication Tools for Healthcare Practitioners and Assisted Living Providers.

Who We Are

Based in Neenah, Wisconsin, , founded and operated by Jeffrey Hayes, is a progressive, technically savvy digital agency with a passion for helping healthcare and senior care businesses compete and grow. We develop and support Web, marketing and communication solutions that fit their needs.

We listen… attending to detail and hearing “between the lines” to help discover what you really need.

We invent… effective solutions by creating new things, solving problems, untangling puzzles and working outside the box.

We persist… through hard work, innovative craftsmanship, and a “don’t quit” attitude.

Who We Work With

Healthcare Practitioners and Providers of Assisted Living Services are the best match for the services we provide…

  • Digital work is our forte…from decades of sorting ones and zeroes.
  • "Unconventional" doesn’t scare us…we’re okay if you color outside the lines.
  • Do what you do best…instead of digital projects that aren’t in your wheelhouse.

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Yours is a Good Business

You’ve created a formula for success, a remarkable feat.

Only 50% of startups survive beyond their first 5 years.

It Is Resilient and Competitive

In fact you’ve been competitive for quite some time. Kudos.

Not everyone is cut out to lead and grow a thriving business.

But Where Are Your Customers?

Perhaps you’re not selling to the same old crowd anymore.

Start using digital marketing methods that do work for you. Here’s how.