Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

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Coaching Leaders

Do Agile leaders require skill or some sort of unique style to be effective? Or is it both?

  • Facilitating communication and collaboration at every level of the organization
  • Which product teams are making the most of their Agile ways of working, continuing to add value to agility in the organization?
  • Which teams are stuck in a fixed mindset, unable to adopt critical Agile ways of working?

Empowerment is key:

  1. Say No

    Sometimes leading in Agile requires us to say no more often than yes

  2. Observe & Reflect

    Much like an Agile coach, Agile leaders must observe and reflect… often.

  3. Use Your Strengths

    What inner strengths are you hiding – perhaps unknowingly – that could help yourself, your teams, and your organization?

  4. Just Breathe

    Are you grateful for the people in your organization? Gratitude can be transformative.

Coaching Teams

As an Agile coach your mandate is to guide teams toward ever higher performance using all coaching stances: Coaching, facilitating, training and mentoring.

As an Agile team coach it’s important to model…

  • Skillful conflict navigation
  • Collaboration at many levels
  • Excellent communication between developers, product owner, scrum master and stakeholders

Coaching Individuals

While Agile teams are much more than a collection of smart people, they tend to grow faster in proficiency and capacity when the individuals comprising those teams also take advantage of 1-to-1 Agile coaching.

Review question: What is the purpose of an Agile coach?

  1. Building the Brain Muscle

    To get you to think.

  2. Increasing Your Capacity

    To develop the neural pathways you need to become or achieve what you most want.

  3. Building Your Agile Self

    To improve your skill as an Agilist to help others achieve an Agile mindset.