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The Agile Organization

Which organizations should adopt Agile ways of working?

  • Yes, all of them

Regardless of an organization’s history or the products and services it provides, all benefit from adopting and living the Agile mindset.

The diligent pursuit of Agility provides organizations with numerous benefits, including…

  • Far greater customer satisfaction
  • Far higher value-to-productivity ratio
  • Engaged employees
  • Better and more effective communication across the enterprise

Transitioning to Agile

Perhaps you’ve heard someone say “Agile is a journey rather than a destination.” This is just as true for entire organizations as it for individuals. The practice of becoming an Agile organization is a continuous one.

Hallmarks of organizations that are undergoing an Agile transition include…

  • Both the culture and the structure of the organization flex to embrace the Agile mindset
  • Teams are safe spaces in which to work
  • “Fail early and fail often” is embraced as a way of working
  • Communities of practice develop at all levels of the organization

Scaling Scrum

Which scaling framework is best for your organization? Well…

  • How much complexity do you need?
  • How much time and effort are you willing to invest to begin seeing results?

Popular Scrum scaling frameworks include:

  • LeSS
  • Nexus
  • Scrum @ Scale
  • SAFe