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Five Steps for Becoming a Good Customer

Why should I try to become a good customer? How do I benefit?

There are two sides to any transaction and, generally speaking, the level of support and loyalty depend on how each side treats the other.

As a business — or one of its representatives — you’re always striving to satisfy your customer, earn repeat sales and ultimately make a profit. 

But what about when you’re the customer? What are you striving for — just to make demands to ensure your needs are met on your schedule at the absolute lowest price?

A business will typically take better care of a good customer. So what can do you do to be a good customer? Here are a few ideas:

  • Be helpful. When working with a long-time vendor or business you frequent often, recommend them to other customers or introduce them to other people who can help their business grow. When you’re in a store, put things back where you found them; if you knock something down, pick it up and put it back. Politely provide honest feedback about how the seller is doing so you can make their customer service even better.
  • Be courteous. Wait your turn. Smile and say thank you. You will be taken more seriously if you don’t resort to threats and rude behavior.
  • Be kind. Treat the seller as you would like to be treated — as a competent equal, rather than a servant. Engage in friendly conversation. Reward the seller or its employees for a job well done.
  • Be respectful. The golden rule applies to your behavior as a customer just as it does to how a business treats you. Treat the seller with respect and they in turn will respect you. Don’t be arrogant. Don’t be late — either for an appointment or for making payment. Follow through on what you have promised to do.
  • Be brave. It’s easy to complain, but it takes a bit more bravery to say ‘good job’. So if someone provides outstanding customer service, step up and let them know — and tell their supervisor as well.

Being a good customer is not rocket science, it is just plain common sense — treat a business and its employees how you would like to be treated. You will not only make things easier for the business, you will make your customer experience more enjoyable while ensuring smoother transactions with less frustration.

About Tim Holdsworth

Tim Holdsworth is a business analyst and marketing specialist for AlignTech Solutions.

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