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  • Monthly Archives: February 2011

    Part I: The Five Types of Toxic Coworkers

    We’re all just trying to make a living and it helps to have friends who all get along – but some people are particularly adept at making it worse than it has to be by turning the workplace into a …

    Managers: The Arrogant Bastard

    This is the second article in our series entitled Managers: The Good and the Bad. 

    Five Steps for Becoming a Good Customer

    There are two sides to any transaction and, generally speaking, the level of support and loyalty depend on how each side treats the other. As a business – or one of its representatives – you’re always striving to satisfy your …

    Managers: The Innovator

    As promised in the introduction to this series of articles about Managers: The Good and the Bad, we’ll focus firstly on “The Innovator”. Innovators are those leaders who can easily view the future and they will try to explain their …